Do you, or someone you know have “active/acute” Hepatitis A?

We are currently looking for individuals who have “acute” symptomatic Hepatitis A to help research.  Plasma is a crucial component in the manufacturing and creation of the test kits to diagnose patients, the very same kit that was used to diagnose you or the person you know who has it.

Participants who qualify can safely donate plasma twice in a 7 day period and can continue to donate for as long as their antibodies are at acceptable levels, which we monitor throughout your donations.  Each time you donate you earn $500 for your donation plus if we have to travel you to a center to participate we cover all travel costs so that there is no cost to you to participate.

To see if you qualify please visit, and provide us some information about your diagnosis and upload your test results to begin the screening process.  You may also reach us at 800-510-4003 to discuss it directly with us.


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