Do you have “active” Lyme disease?

Have you, or someone you know been recently diagnosed as having “active” Lyme disease? If so we need participants to donate plasma to help others. Plasma is needed in the IVD/manufacturing of diagnostic test kits to diagnose Lyme disease. To qualify you must be positive by CDC guidelines and should have a positive EIA/Elisa followed/accompanied by the confirmatory Western Blot test.

Participants who qualify can earn up to $500 each time they donate and you can safely donate 2x per week. To inquire about the program and to see if you qualify please call 800-510-4003, or visit us at to learn more and inquire.

Basic Requirements:
1. Must be 18-65 years in age and weigh at least 110lbs or more
2. Must be HIV/HCV & HBV Negative
3. Must have, or have access to your blood test results showing your positive EIA/ELISA        &  Western BlotLyme2

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