Do you have “acute” Hepatitis B?

Hep B

Were you just diagnosed with “acute” Hepatitis B?  We have a plasma donation program designed just for you to help others.  Your plasma is needed for further research as well as to be used as controls in test kits, the very kits that were used to diagnose you.  Participants are compensated for their donation and if travel is required for you to participate, we pay all travel related costs (air, hotel and car service) to get you to your appointments.

If you qualify you can earn as much as $500 each time you donate and because these programs are different than whole blood you can donate 2x per week until your antibodies are too low to continue. You have the ability to earn $1000 per week for helping research and others.

To learn more please visit/inquire at to learn more.

“Basic” Qualifications:-

  • Must be 18-65 years in age and weigh at least 110lbs or more
  • MUST BE HIV/HCV negative (cannot accept co-infections/there are no HIV or HCV programs at this time)
  • Must have or have access to obtaining your blood work showing your hep b antibodies and negative HCV/HIV testing

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