Research Program for Patients with “active” Lyme disease


Do you have you or does someone you know just been diagnosed with “active” Lyme disease? If so we need patients to donate their plasma to help others. Participants who qualify and participate can earn $200-$500 each time they donate and you can safely donate 2x per week.

To qualify you must be considered positive by CDC standards. You must have a positive screen/EIA as well as the confirmatory Western Blot test performed.

to learn more visit or call 800-510-4003.

To Qualify:
1. Must have “official” hospital or physician diagnosis
2. Must have copies of your blood test results or access to them (EIA & Western Blot)
3. Must be 18-65 years of age
4. Must be 110 lbs or more
5. Must be Negative for HIV/HCV/HBV

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