Do you have “acute” mononucleosis? Want to help others? We have a program for you


Do you or has someone you know just been diagnosed with “active” Mono? If so we have a plasma donation program for you. Your plasma is needed for further research and for validations for test kits to diagnose other patients. Plasma is a crucial component in the test kits and is needed to ensure that the latest and greatest test kits are available when doctors are testing their patients.

Participants can safely donate plasma 2x per week and earn $200 per donation for their time/donation.

To learn more visit us at

To Qualify:
* Must be 16-65 years in age
* Must weigh at least 110lbs or more
* Must have copies or access to your lab test results showing “active” mono
* Should have been diagnosed in the last 7-10 days
* MUST BE,HIV, HCV and HBV negative

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