Research program for patients with acute hepatitis B

Acute Hep b

Do you or someone you know have “acute” symptomatic Hepatitis B?  If so we are looking for participants to participate in a plasmapheresis program to hel

p others as well as research.  Plasma is a crucial component in the manufacturing and validations of the very test kit that was used to diagnose you or your friend or family member.

Participants who qualify are able to donate plasma up to 2x per week and continue donating until their antibodies drop off to a level that no longer qualifies.  Each time you donate you will be compensated up to $500 a donation.  If travel is required to get you to the center we pay all travel related expenses to get you there and home and you still earn your compensation for your participation.

To Qualify:-

  1. Must have been diagnosed by a licensed doctor, hospital or clinic
  2. Must be HIV/HCV Negative *** NO CO INFECTIONS ***
  3. Must be 18-65 Years in age and weigh at least 110lbs or more
  4. Must have or have access to lab results showing your acute infection

** Sorry no programs currently for HCV or HIV **

To learn more visit or call 800-510-4003

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