Plasma donor Research program for patients with “acute” Lyme disease



Were you, or someone you know diagnosed with “acute” Lyme disease in the last 30 days?  If so we need participants for our plasma donation program to help others and research.   Plasma is a critical component in the manufacturing of the test kits that are on the market as well as it is needed to further research into Lyme disease.

Plasma is the watery component of the red blood cells that house various nutrients as well as antibodies for various conditions and that is why plasma is so important.  Without plasma donors who have these conditions these very test kits run the risk of going on back order and might not be available when physicians, hospitals or laboratories need them to make a proper diagnosis.

Donating plasma is a very safe and simple procedure and because you are getting your red blood cells returned thru the process you are allowed to donate more frequently than if you were donating “whole blood” cells.  Plasma can safely be donated 2x in a 7 day period with one day off between donations.

Participants who qualify are paid/compensated $500 each time they donate and you can continue to donate as long as your antibody levels are within range.  Each week we will monitor your antibodies so we will know if they are going up/down or maintaining and we will relay that to you as well.

If we don’t have a convenient location near you, we have the ability to travel you at no cost to you so you can participate.  If we do have to travel you we arrange and pay all travel related expenses to get you there, to and from your appointment (s) and back home and you are still compensated your full compensation.

To qualify we need the diagnosis to be within the last 30 days and be considered positive by what the CDC has outlined as positive (see above chart), which is the EIA/Elisa screen is done first and if positive the Western Blot is done to confirm the diagnosis.

If you feel you meet these requirements please visit us at and inquire or call us at 800-510-4003 to discuss it further.

“Basic Donor Qualifications”

  1. MUST have or have access to your blood test results showing your diagnosis in the last 30 days.
  2. Must be 18-65 years in age and weigh at least 110lbs
  3. MUST Be HIV/HCV/HBV negative

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  1. Hello Richard, sorry to hear you have contracted Lyme and wish you a speedy recovery. Yes, unfortunately these are only US programs at this time. Take care

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