Jefferson Co. BOH locally addressing Hepatitis A outbreak in Ohio

Hep A

The Jefferson County Board of Health met Tuesday morning for its monthly meeting.

One of the topics discussed today was the large outbreak of Hepatitis A across the state of Ohio.

There have been over 1,100 cases of Hepatitis A in the state.

Jefferson County has one active case right now.

So, nurses in the county are doing what they can to promote immunization to those who are under high risk of the disease, like drug users and the homeless.

They are also helping to prevent the disease in students, as well.

“We are doing immunizations clinics in the schools for students going into the 7th grade and 12th grade. We are doing the t-dap and the meningitis shots, we start that in the schools this spring. We will work with the school nurses in Jefferson County and we will continue those throughout the summer, and then we will do them again in the fall,” said Kim Mark, Director of Nursing, Jefferson County Board of Health.

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