Measles Outbreak Continues in Oregon and Washington, With One New Case Reported Daily


An outbreak of measles that began in January in southern Washington state has risen to 79 cases throughout Washington and Oregon, according to the Oregonian.

In late January, health officials in Washington’s Clark County, which sits north of Portland, Ore., reported that 22 people had been infected with measles in the city of Vancouver, Wash., with most of the cases involving children under 10.

Since then, the total of measles infections has risen to 79 cases as of Monday, with 73 of them in Vancouver or Clark County. The latest case reported involved an adult in their 30s. The rate of reported infections in the region continue to be around one a day. Exposure areas listed by Clark County and the Oregonian include hospitals and health clinics, Portland International Airport, and a trampoline park as well as a Red Robin restaurant in Salem, Ore.

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