Indiana University confirms 7th case of mumps on Bloomington campus


Another case of mumps was confirmed on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus Thursday, making the seventh confirmed diagnosis this school year.

The new case involves a student who lives in the same fraternity house as another resident diagnosed with mumps, according to IU spokesman Chuck Carney.

The first case of mumps on IU Bloomington’s campus was identified Feb. 12.

The university sent a public safety advisory to students Thursday afternoon, urging them to practice good hygiene habits, such as routinely washing hands with soap and warm water, and ensure they have received two doses of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

People with mumps are infectious from two days before until five days after the onset of symptoms, the university advised. Symptoms of mumps include fever, muscle aches, headache and loss of appetite and generally last two or more days.

Students who believe they may have mumps are encouraged to avoid contact with others and seek care as soon as possible, either through their primary care provider or the IU Health Center. The Health Center can be reached at 812-855-4011.

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