A-Typical Antibody Plasma Donation program

Red Cell

We are currently looking for participants to help researchers and the diagnostic community by donating plasma.  We have unique plasma donation programs for you to participate in and you are compensated for doing so.  Plasma is a crucial component in the research & diagnostic communities as well as in the manufacturing of the very test kits that were used in aiding your healthcare provider in your diagnosis.

Without participants like yourself,  physicians, laboratories, hospitals and research centers will not have access to these test kits as they will go on back order without antibody rich plasma to create these test kits.  Since plasma is only a small component of the red blood cells you don’t have to wait 56 days to donate again.  With plasma you can safely 2x in a 7 day period.

****Current Red Cells we need are anti-Fya and anti Fyb ****  and with titers of 1:16 or higher.

Basic donor qualifications:-

  1. Must be 18-65 years in age
  2. Must weigh at least 110lbs or more
  3. Must be HIV/HCV/HBV Negative


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