Research Program for patients who have Measles


Were you or someone you know just diagnosed with Measles?  If so we need participants to donate plasma to help the research and diagnostic communities further research this strain of Measles.  Plasma is a crucial component in the manufacturing into positive and negative controls in test kits, the very test kit(s) that were used in the aiding of your diagnosis.

Participants who qualify earn $100-$500 per donation depending on their antibody levels and you can safely donate plasma twice in a 7 day period.  Unlike donating whole blood at say a blood drive or the red cross plasma is replenished within a 24-48 hour time frame whereas when you donate blood you can only do so every 8 weeks/56 days because it takes that long to rebuild the red cells back into your body.

To learn more about this unique program please visit us a to learn more about the donation process and to inquire about being a donor.  If you prefer to speak to a live agent you can call 800-510-4003.  All calls and email inquiries are confidential and we abide by all HIPAA guidelines to protect your confidential medical information.

Basic Qualifications:-

  • Must be 18-65 years in age
  • Must be at least 110 pounds or more
  • Must Be HIV, HCV, and HBV Negative
  • Must have, or have access to obtain your blood test results showing the measles testing/antibody test.
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