What is auto immune plasma used for?


Autoimmune illnesses are often difficult to diagnose, and since they are often chronic conditions, they can be challenging to treat as well. Autoimmune conditions can affects the joints and skeletal system by causing pain, inflammation, and swelling. With rising cases of autoimmune disorders, there has been a greater need for research to develop better diagnostic tools and more effective treatments. Access Biologicals/Access Clinical look for auto immune diagnosed patients to donate plasma so that they can do just that.

Patients diagnosed with these various conditions can truly benefit the medical research community by donating plasma. Researchers and IVD manufacturers are looking primarily for patients not only diagnosed but with high antibody levels so that they can create positive controls for test kit validation. Donated plasma is also used for drug testing by pharmaceutical developers before the clinical trial stage is reached.

This is why when patients are given this opportunity most people would choose to participate in a program that could ultimately lead to new treatments and diagnostic methods for people afflicted with the same conditions. Over the years though, I have found that most people are just simply not aware that these opportunities exist.

At many bulk/local plasma donation facilities, those who are diagnosed with an autoimmune conditions or “acute” viral type of infections are deemed ineligible to donate. This is because the plasma collected is being used for injectable products or life-saving transfusions in hospitals.

Someone with an auto immune condition/disorder of acute viral infection are however, eligible to donate plasma for research purposes by visiting a government approved center and asking his or her healthcare provider for consent. Medical professionals need to make sure that their patient donating plasma will not exacerbate their current health condition. While someone with these conditions not able to save lives through donating plasma for transfusions, he or she is able to improve lives in other ways by contributing to drug development and diagnostic research.

Not only do donors benefit the auto immune patient community by donating plasma, but they also can benefit themselves. There have been some studies shown that donating plasma can temporarily alleviate pain by reducing the antibody levels in the bloodstream for a short period of time. While this may not be observed in all patients in all programs, it is something that can be seen as an added benefit to donating plasma.

None the less these conditions are hard to diagnose, but with your help and contribution to researchers you can make a difference and help advance medical technologies.

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