Who am I, and who are we?

Hello, I am Robert Pyrtle and I work for Access Biologicals in San Diego, CA, and we/Access Biologicals are the starting point for diagnostic research & development. I have been recruiting in the US and Canada and abroad for 19 years now. We/Access Biologicals are looking for people with rare, infectious and auto immune conditions/antibodies to participate and put them to good use. Your participation would be helping with research and diagnosing other patients. We currently have participants that have been donating their antibodies for several years now. Each time you donate you are helping research and others all while being compensated for your donation and depending on your condition you can earn $100-$500 each time you donate and you can safely donate 2x per 7 day period. Simply having the diagnosis is the first step in qualifying and the second is your antibody levels. Given the plasms is being used for research they require that the patient have the diagnosis, but also have very high antibody levels which with most labs it will cap out the test as a > than number because that’s as high as the kit will go. These are the patients we are currently looking for on these programs. Donor participation is performed in accordance with the current FDA regulations and is overseen by our medical director who is a licensed physician in our FDA licensed and state regulated plasma center. All patient information is kept confidential and within HIPAA guidelines and are also consented with our IRB protocol which also ensures patient privacy. The antibodies we collect/you donate is done via a procedure called plasmapheresis, this procedure is similar to donating whole blood (i.e.: Red Cross, or other blood bank). However plasma is the protein based substance that your blood cells float around in (that contains these antibodies), the difference is thru plasmapheresis you are getting your red blood cells returned thru this process. When you donate whole blood you can only do so every 56 days/8 week as it takes your body to reproduce these, whereas plasma is replenished naturally within a 24-48 hours from your donation which allows you to donate more frequently. The donation process itself only takes about 30-40 minutes and we recommend that you are well hydrated and have a good/healthy meal before each donation to ensure a speedy donation. Without patients like you the very test kits that were used to diagnose you run the risk of going on back order so when physicians, hospitals and laboratories need them to diagnose other patients they run the risk of not having the kits without participants such as yourself. Without plasma, which is a critical component in the manufacturing into positive/negative controls these kits do run the risk of not being available when others are trying to get a speedy and accurate diagnosis. To learn more about us and to inquire about the programs please visit our dedicated donor page of http://www.accessclinical.com and to learn more about what your plasma is used for visit http://www.accessbiologicals.com

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